​Featuring Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized Swimming Water Shows 

for Corporate and Private Events

Synchronized Swimming is simultaneously

graceful and beautiful.

A synchronized swimming water show exhibits

the grace and elegance of a ballet dancer,

the leaps and spins of a figure skater

with the stamina and endurance of a top athlete.

Candy Hipp

phone: 949/903-6512

email: candy.hipp@yahoo.com

Synchro Water Shows

We have over 20 years of  professional experience with custom and stock  synchro water shows for corporate and private events.          

​We have a vast selection of  music, routines and suits  in our repetoire.           

We have performed throughout California to Las Vegas.           

Our watershows showcase events of all types.           

Custom or stock, we have the perfect show for you!

La Quinta Golf Resort & Spa, CA            
  The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows, CA 
  The Montage Resort & Spa  in  Laguna Beach, CA                        
The California Grand Hotel, California Adventure Theme Park, CA​​
We Have Performed At:
We Have Developed Custom  Watershows For:
            Disney Channel                        E! Entertainment                            Toyota                                Warner Bros.                       KellyStone Foundation        Weddings and Birthday Parties
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