​Featuring Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized Swimming Water Shows 

for Corporate and Private Events

Synchonized Swimming Watershows are beautiful to watch and a memorable addition to any event.

The presentation is unique and extremely entertaining.
The music is fun and energetic.The swimmers are graceful, elegant and a pleasure to watch.
The suits are stunning and highly creative.The moves are challenging and breathtaking.
The energy is powerful and strong.

If you've never seen a Synchro Water Show before,you are in for a treat.

We have over 10 years of professional experience with custom and stock water shows for corporate and private events.We have performed throughout California and in Las Vegas.

We have performances for events of all sizes from major corporate events,to weddings to birthday parties.Every show is customized to fit your requirements and size.Our performers come from our nationally recognized team,The Meraquas of Irvine, our noted alumni and other outside professional synchronized swimmers.Contact us today!
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